A Real Estate Agency located in Athens, Greece, with a global reach!

We pride ourselves on being your one-stop Greek firm for real estate investment and management solutions, catering to your every need through the process of buying and managing a property.

Our tailor-made services cover the entire spectrum of property investment and completely adapt to your specific requirements. From property research, price negotiation, legal and due diligence processes, to property renovation and management, we are your valued ally that will guide you through all the steps of real estate investing.

Furthermore, our in-depth knowledge of the Greek market means that we can identify the best opportunities available locally before the competition does. Our wide experience and comprehensive expertise make us the preferred agency for investors with large portfolios, as well as those living abroad.

Your trusted ally in real estate investing!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your real estate purchase and development as simple and as pleasant as possible. We foster a spirit of partnership and base every decision on what is best for our clients and our company as a whole.

Our Values

Aiming always at the top, our code of ethics is indisputable. We believe in absolute transparency through all aspects of our cooperation: financial factors, tips and insights, legal matters and a thorough property inspection to ensure maximum quality at minimum cost. Our entire process is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, as we do not settle for anything less than perfect.

Our Approach

Through our years of experience and market insights, we can predict our clients’ needs and help them spot the best opportunities. Driven by our belief that each case is different, we perform a thorough initial interview with every potential client to establish his/her distinctive specifications. We thus ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and conforms to the initial brief, while integrating necessary adjustments until the successful completion of the purchase and during the property management process.

What we excel at

We are not only your preferred real estate agent but also your personal trusted investment advisor.

Mastery in Construction & Cutting-Edge Design

Unique projects of unmatched value with an ultra-modern aesthetic

Excellence in Property Management

Customized hospitality experience through a wide range of services

Experience in Property Acquisition

Vast knowledge of the Greek property market

Experience in Greek Golden Visa Acquisition

We take pride in having a customer satisfaction score of 100%

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