Greece has been one of the top summer destinations worldwide for decades! However, residents in the Mediterranean country, alongside investors, frequent visitors, and business travelers or expats who have already made a second home of the capital, are also aware of the unique charm of Athens during winter, and more specifically during the holidays.
Discover Traditions & Celebrate
in Glamour As soon as you step foot outside in the Greek capital, or inside any local family’s home, you will be enchanted with the sparkly and positive holiday spirit. Christmas trees and decorations spread in the warm homes and along the streets, Syntagma Square becomes magically lit up, and the outdoors vibe between shopping, roaming around, enjoying aperitivos & drinks in Athen’s bars, and fine dining the traditional dishes in restaurants and cafes, make being in the festive city as dreamy as you could imagine! The holidays are precious social times in Athens, rich with beautiful traditions and a gorgeous ambiance. The whole end of year period is celebrated “A-La-Grande” with family & friends’ gatherings, parties in every corner, scrumptious food sharing, sparkles, and fireworks. The agreeably warm Mediterranean winter weather will also allow you to enjoy the holidays outside and around the city. If you are a ski enthusiast and you are lucky enough to extend your stay, you could even enjoy your favorite winter sport in Greece, the ultimate destination for you to experience the snow, sun, and sea, in one trip! In case you can stay long enough in Athens, head to Arachova ski resort, one of the most popular getaways from the capital, less than a two-hour drive away from downtown Athens. Going back to the enchanting festivities of the capital, make sure to experience dining at Athen’s finest landmarks, known for their memorable & fascinating Christmas decorations, displays, and delightful festive delicacies. Enjoy food and drinks at NOEL – yes, that is how it is called – celebrate with your loved ones at Athen’s glamourous Hotel Grande Bretagne, visit Polis Grand Hotel for an all-local flavorsome Greek breakfast meal, and do not miss the charming fairytale-like atmosphere at Little Kook café. These are only a few recommendations of many beautiful spots around Athens for you to discover or re-discover during the season. While walking around, pass by one of Athen’s traditional bakeries you will find hidden in many corners of the city. The most popular ones will call for you as soon as you notice the queues outside… Here comes New Year’s Eve! Unique and exciting traditions and cultures are witnessed in Athens during Greek New Year. From fireworks display, to hanging pomegranate or onions, to singing carols across the city’s neighborhoods, to exchanging gifts, and sharing the Greek New Year cake – Vasilopita – the whole environment transports you to a dreamy new world of celebrations. As you discover the beauty of the holidays’ festivities in Athens, you will certainly be captivated by the glamour, charm, and magnificence of celebrating and starting the new year in the Greek gem. No matter your interests or the kind of person you are, you will find that there is something for every type of explorer and traveler. Season’s greetings from Olympia Properties family to yours!

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